Marriage Counseling to Save Your Marriage


When two people go into the marriage relationship, it is because of love and care for each other and a desire to share their lives together. There are many things that can change in a marriage, in time, if it is not nurtured properly.  Somehow, things are no longer as exciting as they used to be.  The once happy household have now become a household were fights and arguments are frequently heard because spouses don’t like what the other is doing.  Marriage is a commitment and no matter how you feel, you have to keep your word of promise which you vowed during your wedding day, even if things are no longer the same.  Having ups and downs are guaranteed in a marriage relationship.  A perfect marriage does not exist.  Because of our differences, it is just normal to expect marital problems.

Some people have the wrong notion that entering marriage is like entering an intimate relationships that will always be as intimate throughout your life.  Then when things did not go the way you expected it to go, you become disheartened, hurt, hopeless, cheated, and you no longer want to be with each other.  All the positive emotions that you used to have is now replaced with bitterness , anger, and pain.  There seems to be no connection with your spouse,  Some couples just opt for a quick fix which is divorce.  But if you have children, especially small ones, you should try to fix your relationship first.  You should try marriage counseling ifyou want to give your marriage another chance.

IF you have a troubled marriage, you should at least try to have marriage counseling.  This will give you an opportunity to deal with what is troubling your marriage with plenty of help from the therapy folsom counselor.  Sometimes wrong understanding of what the other is saying is the root of conflict and is counseling the counselor will help with understanding your words.  However, simply going through marriage counseling is not an instant fix to your problem.  You should take away the notion that the counselor can solve your problems for you.   Those who go to marriage counseling should have a resolve to do something that will help the marriage recover.

Marriage counseling does not result in instant reunion but it is a process where both spouses work together to make their marriage work again.  IF will take a lot of time and a lot of advice from your counselor before you can recover what you have lost and to smoothen up your relationship again.  It is not the counselor’s job to fix your marriage.  You will receive timely advice from your marriage counselor.  Counselors help couples discover the root of their problems and suggest solutions to the problems. See related posts at

In marriage counseling you discuss your problems and difficulties in marriage.  You will then be given a chance to talk about your problems face to face with your family counseling folsom counselor.  Your children’s best interests are also tackled in the discussion.


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